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We are a transport company that can be proud of many years of practice and experience in the industry. We have been providing tourist services for 25 years – throughout this time we have become a leader in the industry not only in Krakow, but also in Małopolska. We have the trust of our customers not without reason. Those who decided to use our services could see that our priority is to satisfy our passengers. We offer proficient help and the highest quality service.

We provide the possibility to rent buses in Krakow. We have a fleet of 30 coaches, buses and minibuses, enabling our customers to have a wide choice, and consequently, the opportunity to find a bus ideally suited to their needs. Recently, we have noticed a significant increase in interest in this part of the offer. Why is this so often chosen solution?

We offer the possibility of renting buses with or without a trusted driver service. Using the experience of our employees is a 100% certainty that the transfer will be fully safe. The service can be realized in Poland or abroad - we will operate international tours.

Choose a bus adapted to your needs

You can see particular models in the “Buses” section. There are pictures along with the characteristics of specific models.You can also send a message to check availability and rental price of a particular model.

Jordan Transport Priorities

The broad offer including dozens of different bus models is of significant importance for us. We have tried to complete the fleet to include coaches, buses and minibuses, that is all that our customers can search for depending on individual needs.

In order to provide our customers with absolute safety, each of our busses, before being handed over to a customer for a given period of time, undergoes a very detailed inspection and. Thanks to this the renter gets a bus that will not fail during use.

The second thing is comfort - the vast majority of our busses have air-conditioned interiors. In addition, of significant importance are folding seats, with the possibility to manually adjust the tilt. Some models have individual lighting systems installed. All this is to make travelling with the Transport Jordan buses as comfortable as possible.

The Transport Jordan’s office is located in Krakow - any formalities will be made there. All customers interested in our offer are welcome to contact us by phone, email or in person at the company’s office. We will do our best to provide professional assistance.

We are a company providing tourist services for over 25 years. Their high standard was appreciated by our customers, which made us one of the most popular bus rental companies in Krakow.

We are the leader among tour operators within Małopolska. In our offer there is a tour service valued for the professionalism and safety provided to passengers. Our highly qualified drivers enjoy the recognition of our customers not only because of the high personal culture that is their inherent trait but also their vast experience. It is worth noting that we systematically care for the technical and visual condition of our busses, which are serviced only at authorized service points.


First and foremost, we want to offer you rental of coaches, buses and minibuses in Krakow. Our offer is addressed to customers with different expectations, therefore we have taken care of a wide variety of bus models varied by the standard, size, number of seats and amenities. We aim to provide a bus suitable for the organizers of the occasional events, who would like to guarantee their guests transport to the party and back, for tourist trips, companies and anyone who would like to make use of our services. We have a rich fleet of new, modern models of world famous brands - Mercedes, Citroen, Tezeller, Volvo, Setra and others that guarantee the comfort and safety of passengers. We can advise you on which of our busses will be the right choice for the distance to be reached, the number of passengers and the budget.

Numerous amenities

Transport of passengers, which is an important element of the offer, is a service that includes rental of buses along with a driver. We would be happy to handle tourist trips within Krakow, Poland, and abroad. We offer comfortable coaches in which even a travel lasting a few hours or more will not be a burden for passengers. The air-conditioned bus interior, adjustable seats with the possibility of reclining backrests, easy-to-use, individual lighting and sound systems that can be controlled from your own position, and a host of other amenities are the elements thanks to which the travellers will be surely satisfied with the choice of our services. Most coaches have DVD players and TVs that can display movies, audio devices and free WiFi. In some buses there is a bar. If you want to make sure that a given bus model is equipped with particular items, check the “Buses” section on our website. There are detailed characteristics of each of the coaches offered. We can attach a ski-box for transporting skis and a trailer for 23-bicycles.

Coaches in excellent technical and visual condition

As an experienced transport company, knowing that our services are frequently chosen by our customers from Krakow, we take responsibility for the buses put into service. The safety of passengers and drivers is a key issue for us. That is why our fleet consists mostly of new, up to several-year coaches. Each of them systematically undergoes mandatory inspections at authorized points, in addition, they undergo technical and visual control before each trip. We do our best to save our customers unpleasant surprises on the road, and to guarantee a fully safe journey. Of course, we know that not only the efficiency of the coach is important, but also the effect it has on the passengers, that is why we do our best to ensure that it is neat and tidy - from the outside and inside.

Flexible price list

The Transport Jordan bus rental offer is distinguished by low prices. Standard, popular routes are valued on a flat-rate basis, while non-standard routes individually based on the time and date of the rental, the type of bus, and the distance to be covered. Determining the cost of a service due to these factors enables us to offer a price advantageous to both parties. Regular customers can count on interesting discounts, we also encourage you to negotiate! As a transport company with many years of experience we are aware that flexible price list is a must in an industry like ours.

Contact us now

Transport Jordan's office is located in Krakow, where a large part of our satisfied customers come from. If you are interested in our offer, you can check our bus fleet and the availability of the models that interest you. Our website helps you to do this. We also encourage you to contact us by telephone or in person at the company's office to reserve busses and to arrange cooperation details. Our office is open from Monday to Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.