Jordan Group Transport

Jordan Group is one of the biggest companies in Małopolska's tourist industry. We've been providing top class tourist services for 25 years.

We provide transport and tours throughout Kraków, and are a leading tour operator in the region of Małopolska. Our biggest priorities are high quality of transport services and the safety of our passengers, which is why we care very much for the technical condition of our vehicles and service them only in authorized service stations. Another of our assets is the professionalism of our personnel – our drivers have impeccable manners and vast experience, they are sure to take care of their passengers and their needs during the trip. 

Our offer:

  • Transfers to hotels, airports, train and bus stations,
  • transport services for meetings, conferences, trainings, official visits, delegations, celebrations
  • transport services for tourist events in Poland and abroad
  • tours of Kraków,
  • transport to parties and events, for example wedding parties
  • rental of buses
  • Transport along international bus lines
  • rental of coaches in Kraków
  • transport services for schools, clubs, colleges and universities in Kraków
  • transport Kraków

Enjoy our services!